Smiling Female In Gym

When it comes to coping with stress from everyday life, there are several options.

Some people enjoy de-stressing by utilizing the amazing benefits of physical exercise.

Others share their concerns/stress factors with a close friend or family member and gain a sense of moral support, which can reduce stress levels.

Different things work for different people, so in this article of the series, we’ll shed light on some of the most viable stress-relieving methods.

#1 Physical Exercise

Engaging in physical activity is one of the best ways to deal with stress for a number of reasons.

Exercise will stimulate the body to secrete many substances and compounds which have the potential to make you feel better.

There is also a recovery period after your training bout, when it is much easier for the body to get out of the stress response mode and kick into recovery mode.

If you want physical exercise to help you eliminate stress, you are best off focusing on high-intensity, short power burst exercising, like weightlifting, sprinting, calisthenics, etc.

#2 Food

Many timest, the lack of food is a common reason for being stressed.

If you’re feeling stressed out but cannot find a particular reason why, you may be in need of a nutritious and balanced meal.

You are best off eating nutrient-dense foods, such as meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruits, roots, and grains.

After this type of meal the body prioritizes digestion, absorption and in turn, recovery.


In the past, the stress response was something vital, as it helped us run or fight anything that threatens our lives in the wild environment.

Nowadays however, we live in big, modern cities where death by predation is highly unlikely.

The same stress response gets triggered by harmless things like our work place, school or family.

Unfortunately, the stress response is automatic but there are things you can do to deal with it.

In terms of self-care, the best you can do for stress management is to regularly engage in physical activity, eat nutritious food, and sleep well.

These things however will just push your biochemistry to become more balanced.