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What Motivates Us

Dear Fort Smith Area Friend, 

Personal Training in Fort Smith Will NEVER Be the Same Again! 

YES! That is a very bold statement, and I’m more than prepared to back it up.  

If you are a woman trying to lose stubborn bodyfat you have no doubt read silly muscle magazine articles and countless Online "Experts" who talk about exotic sounding isolation exercises and magic potions or magic foods...  

If you are a man who wants to be leaner and stronger and escape all of the shoulder and back pain your years of following workout magazine and webiste workouts have caused you...

I have the workout for you...

The truth is most of these so called experts have no actual experience or background in the science of actual strength and conditioning.

  If they keep telling you that you need to do high reps and low weights for definition...  

Or that you just need to lift heavy weights and do fewer reps to get big and strong... 

Or that you just need to cut out your carbs to lose fat... 

Run...Very Very Fast! 

You can't believe everything you read online...Most of those articles are outsourced writers who are just regurgitating the recent Muscle & Fiction articles or copy and pasting from a supplement company website.  

You can't rely on the "trainer" at your big box corporate gym anymore either...

Most of those people are just young in shape kids in a tank top or polo shirt who have very limited education or experience, making a low hourly rate to get through school... 

They are just recycling all the broscience they learned from their favorite websites...they are following all the old myths and business models... 

I’m here to tell you the old fashioned workout model for the 20 minutes of slow cardio and 3 sets of 10, for the most part, is OBSOLETE! 

Cardio Machines are boring... 

the old 3 sets of 8-10 bodybuilding training lacks a certain energy… 

AND, the old boring workout model is missing one of the most important factors for weight loss success… real results. 

Now, don't misunderstand me,The Fitness Business is not going away. 

My training business is busier than ever. 

My one-on-one client list has doubled in the last 3 to 5 years. 

One-on-One Personal Training DOES PROVIDE very individualized programming and a very detailed level of coaching.  

My groups are consistent and growing...

Having a familiar group of people to work out with over time is great for accountability and consistency.

I've kept our groups small so no one gets lost in a sea of people... 

 I have clients seeing amazing results....

Both people who are new to working out and some who have been working out for years...

 Everyone has to start somewhere and we want you to start here...

Iron Elite Strength & Conditioning is fun…YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST!  

You are going to do the same workouts I designed for top level athletes...

Iron Elite Strength & Conditioning is full of energy…YOU WILL FEEL ALIVE!  

Iron Elite Strength & Conditioning provides social support…YOU WILL MAKE GREAT FRIENDS! Most importantly… Iron Elite Strength & Conditioning WORKS!  

Now, if you’re asking yourself, “Who is this guy, and why is he the authority on personal training programs in Fort Smith?” please allow me a few minutes to introduce myself… 


Meet The Founder Of BDJ Fitness

Brian Jones has been a fitness professional since the late 1980's and training in the Fort Smith Area since 1997. He has designed strength and conditioning programs for elite athletes in various sports. Brian has created many training systems such as Guns, Buns & Abs, Annihilation: Total Body Training System, Iron Elite Strength and Conditioning and BDJ Boxing For Fitness. 

Brian has committed his career to making sure everyone he trains, of any age or fitness level, becomes the absolute best versions of themselves and the best representation of his training systems. Every training session is custom designed and backed by almost 30 years of knowledge and experience. When you train with Brian you will never do the same workout twice. No downloaded cookie cutter or boring repeated workouts. Every day will be a new challenge designed to keep you motivated. Never again will you be bored in the gym. Never again will you feel lost or frustrated at a lack of results. No thinking, no wondering what to do...All you have to do is show up! 


When you join IRON ELITE STRENGTH & CONDITIONING you'll be joining some of the most motivated people on the planet—motivated to transform their fitness levels. Many of our current clients were people just like you...people who decided that being out of shape and overweight was not for them. They experienced the same fears and doubts you are probably experiencing right now. They got the bad reports from the doctor, they had to buy new clothes because they outgrew their old ones, they got frustrated and embarrassed when they were out of breath walking up a flight of stairs.

The only difference betwen you and them is they decided that enough was enough...they took ACTION! 


We believe in a positive and encouraging environment that inspires everyone to succeed. The only person you are competing with is who you were yesterday! Everyone remembers how tough it was when they first began their fitness journey. It was hard, they had to go slow, they had to take breaks they had to struggle to learn the exercises. That is why there is not a better group of people to be surrounded by than those who have taken those first scary intimidating steps and made fitness a part of their everyday lives. You will always feel welcome and encouraged when you walk through our doors every day.

Why BDJ Fitness Is The Trainer For You.

Ok, this might sound too good to be true right? Well let me show you how you will drop weight and inches faster (and with less effort) than you ever thought possible…  

Smart Training:  

We are motivated trainers with years of experience helping men and women like you create the body and life of their dreams. We know exactly how to tailor our fat torching workouts to YOUR level - so you are always in that perfect fat burning zone.  

Plus, we are very aware that if you’ve been on this planet for enough time some things just don’t work like they used to. Bad knees, stiff shoulders, weak back - no problem. We know how to scale and modify workouts to accommodate physical limitations to make certain your training is not only effective (at melting fat) but also as safe as possible.  

We have worked with dozens and even hundreds of people with injuries so you can trust you are in good (and qualified) hands here at BDJ Fitness.  

We pride ourselves on giving you the workout that is best FOR YOU, to help you get leaner, tighter and more toned with every single workout. No matter your level, we’ve got you covered.  

Crazy right? It get’s even better because...

Our Various Members Men & Women of Various Ages And Fitness Levels


Right now I know you’re motivated. You want to lose that weight. You want to change your life, you want to get back into your skinny jeans and completely rock that little black dress. or take your shirt off at the lake next summer!  

Together we can do better. You see motivation is like a fire, and it is something you have to have on the inside. I can’t give it to you - you have to have it already. At least a spark - something.  

And here is where me & my coaching team comes in...  

Once you have that spark (and you know you do) we can help you turn it into a RAGING INFERNO!  

Your motivation will skyrocket. Your drive to create the life you deserve will go through the roof and my team and I will be with you every step of the way…  

So that…  

If you ever hit a stumbling block  

If you ever think you can’t do it  

If you ever start to believe you are not worth it  

If you ever hit a hurdle  

If you ever start to doubt yourself…  

My team and I will be there at your side every step of the way reminding you THAT YOU ARE AWESOME - and that you can achieve anything you put your mind to!  

Yes, with BDJ Fitness you will discover the secret of UNLIMITED MOTIVATION.

BDJ Fitness Clients Doing Circuits

Wait! I'm Not Done With You Yet!

You need Accountability! Overcoming mental barriers is hard. The BS stories we create in our heads. The ones that tell us we “can’t” do something.  

You know, the LIES we tell ourselves.  

The first thing you need to do is understand that they are LIES and that you DESERVE a happy and healthy life.  

The second thing to do is to understand that if you are not happy with your current shape it IS NOT YOUR FAULT (but it is your responsibility to do something about it.)  

So finding a support system is imperative to your success. That, again, is where I and my coaching team excel. Because as a member of BDJ FItness we hold you accountable and check in with you, pushing you towards your goals, making certain your are staying true to your goals and true to yourself.  

We make sure that you’re only associating yourself with people who are positive and make your life better. If you have a friend that is always bringing down the mood with negativity, it’s likely time to distance yourself. I know that sounds harsh, but your happiness is worth it  

When you surround yourself with positive and driven people like you’ll find at BDJ Fitness, you will find yourself being more positive as well, and a great attitude goes a long way to ensuring your success  

And like I said the support we provide your as a member of our BDJ Fitness Family is important, but remember that in the end YOU are the only one who can achieve your goals.  

You are 100% responsible for going after your dreams, so don’t hold yourself back. We will help you to be accountable for the decisions you make as well as be prepared to take responsibility and let your support group help you get back on track.  

When you surround yourself with success-minded individuals you will find success, it’s as simple as that.  

BDJ Fitness female client squatting heavy weight

Finally The Answer Is Here!

A Fort Smith Personal Training Program That Delivers Results At An Affordable Rate.

Best of all, this Fort Smith Personal Training program is at a price that won’t break the bank.

  Let’s run some quick numbers, shall we? 

Right now you have the most fitness options you have ever had available in Fort Smith.

You can go to a number of general fitness centers from as low as $10/month to $60/month. 

However we both know you have probably tried this off and on over the years with little or limited results.

You stay strong for a few months and then you stop.... wasting that money every month.

Without a plan, without the knowledge your motivation and results will soon come to a halt.

You can always hire a personal trainer that will cost anywhere from $25 to $55 a session.

Most people know that they should train 2-3 times per week with a personal trainer if they want to see results. 

Well, it doesn’t take a math whiz to realize that’s going to cost $400 – $600 per month! And, remember, that’s with an average trainer!! While I know I am worth every damn penny, I recognize the need for a more affordable program because personal training DOES HAVE VALUE – a lot, really. And, there are a lot of people, perhaps you, who would like to get those benefits, but on a more cost friendly budget, right? 


Our Personal Training starts as low as $125 /month! Now that’s a hell of a bargain!! 

In addition to the incredible value and awesome training that the BDJ Fitness program provides, members will also receive: 

• Access to all of our group fitness programs 

• Workout times that meet every schedule from 5:45am to 7:00pm daily. 

• Limited Group Sizes to ensure you don't get lost in the crowd  

Yeah, this program has it all…  

“We’re Ready to Get You The Results You’ve Always Wanted AND Truly Deserve…Are YOU?”  

BDJ Fitness Client Doing Pushups With Plates On Her Back

I Do Have Some Bad News...

Since we are a quality based, not quantity based training business, that means space is VERY limited. 

I need to make sure that every person who gets on board gets the personal attention they need so they can get they lean, tight and toned body they deserve. 

That is why we only have limited spots currently open for motivated people like you - and I want YOU to get one of those coveted spots. That is why you cannot wait, do not put this off...  

Female Client Using Specialty X-Bar

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

If you aren't happy with your current fitness level we would be excited to help you change that for good!

  • No more boring workouts
  • No more wandering around a big room of machines feeling lost
  • No more wondering if your workout is going to get results
  • No more feeling tired, anxious or unconfident about your body and your health

Are you ready to finally achieve your weight loss and fitness goals AND maintain them forever? Well, I’m ready to help you every step of the way… LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!  

Brian Jones  

P.S. 14 days, 30 days 60days from now you could be lighter, full of energy, and feeling great about yourself. Doesn't that sound better than struggling along on your own trying to lose weight and getting nowhere? Let's do this together!  

P.P.S. – The next few weeks are going to go by no matter what… You might as well make good use of them with this special offer!… CALL OR CLICK RIGHT NOW!

Male and Female Client Working Out