LunchBox by BDJ Fitness

🥊 Welcome to LunchBox: Burn Fat And Burn Stress in Just 30 Minutes! 🥊

 Are you ready to revolutionize your lunch break? Say goodbye to mundane midday routines and drive through fast food and say hello to LunchBox – the ultimate 30-minute group boxing workout that’s changing the game! 🌟

 At LunchBox, we believe in making every second count. That’s why we’ve designed a high-intensity, calorie-torching session that fits perfectly into your lunch hour. But it’s not just about breaking a sweat; it’s about learning real boxing skills. 

Imagine mastering the art of footwork, defense, head movement, and punch combinations – all within the span of your lunch break. Our expert trainers are passionate about boxing and even more passionate about teaching you. Every jab, cross, and hook you throw is a step towards becoming a more confident and skilled version of yourself. 🏆

 Picture this: You’re back at your desk after a LunchBox session, feeling invigorated, confident, and ready to take on the rest of your day. You’ve not only burned a significant amount of calories in just 30 minutes, but you’ve also gained real boxing skills that boost your confidence both inside and outside the gym. 🌟

But that’s not all. LunchBox is more than just a workout; it’s a stress-buster.


 The stress of the busy workday is going to disappear. Every punch thrown is stress leaving your body, making you feel calmer, happier, and more focused. 

Ready to transform your lunch break into the most exciting part of your day? Join the LunchBox group now! Sign up today and take the first step towards a healthier, more confident, and stress-free you. 

Use your lunch time efficiently – conquer stress, burn calories and dominate life with LunchBox! 🥊💥

Attention! Men & Women...If you have ever wanted to box


Get Ready To Change Your Life Lose Weight Get In Shape And Have Fun

If you have ever been interested in boxing or you are looking for a fun and different workout to reach your goals this is the workout for you!

I have known Brian for a long time thru boxing but just started actual training with him. Brian keeps it fun and exciting while working to achieve whatever your personal goals may be. If you prefer a more one on one workout environment, BDJ Fitness and The Iron Warehouse is for you.
Liz Gunsolus, Amateur Boxing Coach - Van Buren, AR

Professional Boxers Featured On:

We Teach Actual Real Boxing Skills & Techniques

Yes, we are personal trainers but we are personal trainers with real actual boxing experience gained in the ring. Not only are you going to lose weight and get in shape. You are going to do it with the same workouts that were created for top professional and amateur boxers over the last 20 years. Our system is proven...Imagine doing the same workouts as:

"HotStuff" Hollie Dunaway

Hollie trained with BDJ Boxing from 2003 to 2006 and in that short time captured 3 world titles.

Casie Dees

Casie Dees made her Professional Bareknuckle Boxing Debut in August 2022 and currently has a 4 fight promotional agreement with BYB Extreme.

Now You Can Do The Same Workouts Without Getting Hit In The Face!

The same workouts that took these and other top pro and amateur boxers to the top of their sport can help you get the most out of your fitness journey! There is no other workout that you can learn real skills and get in the best shape and condition of your life! If you are looking for a fun group workout or want one on one instruction we have what you need.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

We keep our groups small to ensure you get the quality attention you deserve. Once we are full that is it. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to burn fat build muscle and have the most fun you have ever had in a workout.

Some more of the great athletes we have trained over the years!

Casie competed in the USA Boxing Masters Boxing Tournament in Las Vegas in February 2022 and made her Professional BareKnuckle Boxing Debut in August 2022 in Miami Florida on BYB Extreme 11.

Casie Dees

Joy Irvin was one of our early and talented athletes. She faced notable opponents such as Mia St. John. She is now the owner of her own personal training studio and teaches boxing in Northwest Arkansas

Joy "Seek & Destroy" Irvin

Alejandra Lopez has been with BDJ Boxing since the early days. She was a talented boxer with a sharp style that made her memorable. She made her pro debut against the bad girl of skating Tonya Harding.

Alejandra Lopez

Candace was always a crowd favorite who gave 100% every time she stepped into the ring. She was a pure slugger who never had a boring fight. Candace is the current owner of 9Rounds Boxing Gym in Fort Smith.

Candace Lett

William began his boxing career with BDJ Boxing at the young age of 13. His hard work and passion for the sport led him to capture the Arkansas State Golden Gloves Championship in 2012.

William Cooper

Whitney began boxing at 12 and was a super talent and aggressive competitor. Her great athletic ability and dedication to training resulted in her becoming the Arkansas State Silver Gloves Champion in 2010

Whitney Vickers

Che was an outstanding heavyweight with a menacing presence in the ring. His outstanding work ethic and dedication made him a force in the ring. Che currently serves our country in the 188th Air National Guard.

Che "Big Sarge" Kinnard