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What Is Annihilation:Battle Tested?


This Is Not Your Ordinary Fitness Challenge 

Annihilation: Battle Tested is no ordinary workout These exclusive training programs were designed for and used by professional athletes, this 14-day journey promises a transformation like no other.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a gym veteran, you are stepping into a realm where your limits are tested, plateaus are shattered, and your true strength comes to the surface.

  • Perfect Combination of Barbells, Dumbbells, bodyweight exercises, core focus, and running drills.
  • Expert experienced trainers guiding you for the whole journey.
  • This workout is designed to improve your fitness level what ever that fitness level may be right now.                                         

 Are you ready to redefine your approach to fitness?

Forget the endless cycle of weight loss promises and step into a world where health, strength, mobility, and conditioning, the things that really matter,  take the forefront.

Annihilation: Battle Tested is not just a workout program; it's a revolution designed to build the complete athlete in you, regardless of your starting point. We are going to focus on developing the 5 most important attributes of athletes:

1. Stamina – ability to endure fatigue and stress and avoid injury.

2. Strength- ability to lift, support and move heavy objects from point a to point b.

3. Explosive Power- ability to generate maximum force in minimal time.

4. Conditioning- ability to combine stamina, strength and explosive power for a sustained period of time.

5. Endurance- ability to continue uncomfortable activity without rest for extended periods of time.

Developing all 5 of these attributes will take your workouts to a whole new level. 

Who Are We Looking For? 

I have been training pro athletes for almost 30 years. I know our programs work for athletes. What I am curious to see is the results it would produce for non athletes. I want to take regular people who have regular jobs even those who do regular workouts and see what happens when they do the exact same workouts I have used for top level professional athletes. I know our training systems work but now I want you to prove they work. 

How Are We Going To Prove This?

 Our unique 14-day program kicks off with a simple fitness test that consists of:

a. Hand Release Pushups

b. Backwards Medicine Ball Toss 

c. 1/4 Mile Walk or Run For Time

We are also going to do a body composition test using the Bioelectrical Impedance (BI) Method that is fast, accurate and simple to perform every 14 days.This isn't just a baseline; it's the beginning of your journey to monitor and celebrate your progress, repeated every two weeks to  track your transformation.

This Workout Is Not For Everyone

  If you are one of the people  who believe that you can improve by complaining and making excuses without taking action, then this is not for you. If you are looking for a shortcut or magic pill, then again, this is not for you. This is not a group workout designed for people who want to make excuses; this is for people who want to take action and get results. We are here to motivate each other along the way. This workout is exclusively for the person who wants to test and push themselves to find their limit and then push past that limit. That is what we do for you. You bring the 100% and we bring out the extra 10% that is required to ensure that you reach your goals. 

So You Think You Are Ready?

Take action now! Waiting until the perfect time is the reason that most people get out of shape. A week turns into a month and then into a year. The longer you wait to start, the longer it will be until you will see the results that you want. Our group sizes are limited, so make today the day you get started on the road to reaching your goals. 


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Professional Athletes We Have Worked With


Casie Dees 

BYB Extreme Welterweight 

Professional BareKnuckle Boxer


Hollie Dunaway

4 X Straweight World Champion Professional Boxer


Justin Flanagan

Jr. Midddleweight WBC Title Contender Professional Boxer

Limited Time. Limited Spots. Are You In?

For just 14 days and $75, you can dive into a world of elite training and emerge as the best and strongest version of yourself. But here’s the catch—only 5 spots are available in each group. The clock is ticking. Are you up for this challenge?

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You Have Questions? We Have Answers.


Do I need prior experience?
No! Our trainers are equipped to guide both beginners and experienced participants. 

Is this program for me?
If you're looking for a challenge and a genuine transformation, then absolutely this is for you.

What if I can’t keep up?
Remember, it’s not about perfection but progression. Everyone goes at a pace that is effective for them.  We're here to support and help each person achieve their potential. 

Dicover What You Are Made Of...

If You Do Nothing Then Nothing Changes

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