Annihilation: Total Body Training System

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What Is Annihilation: Total Body Training System?

Annihilation: Total Body Training System is a 30 minute, small group personal training session that combines High Intensity Interval Drills, Strength Training, Core and Abdominal Exercises to give you the most intense and challenging workout ever. If your goal is to build lean muscle, burn stubborn body fat and feel great then this is for you.

Imagine for a second how you would feel if you completed a challenge that was focused on bringing out the best, strongest, most confident version of yourself. If you took on a challenge that you and everyone you know thought was impossible and unattainable, and YOU completed it. How different would you feel? Would it help you start living your life the way you always imagined? This is a true challenge; maybe one of the hardest things you have done. But that is why it is rewarding. This challenge is not for most people. However, if you are someone who can imagine yourself succeeding when others believe you might fail, then this is for you. If you can imagine having a goal, and then being 100% dedicated, determined and disciplined to reach it, then this challenge is for you. No one is promising you miracles or magic, but what we do promise is that you will feel a wonderful sense of achievement and confidence when you complete this challenge.

And be amazed at what happens.
All it takes is a personal commitment. That’s right it is all up to YOU! We have the team that has the knowledge and the experience needed to motivate you through a challenging, fun and rewarding fitness program. The only difference between success and failure is ACTION! So make the commitment and accept the challenge and see real noticeable results!
For times available please call or come by today or check our schedule for class times that are convienient for you!

If you like to whine and complain and make excuses but are not willing to do anything about it, then this is not for you. This is not a group workout designed for people who want to cry or make excuses; this is for people who want to take action and motivate each other along the way. This is a grueling intense workout that is not for the faint of heart. Annihilation is for the person who wants to test and push themselves to find their limit and then push past it. Pushing yourself is difficult. That is why the best athletes in the world all have trainers; even elite athletes need someone to extract that extra effort out of them. That is what we do for you. You bring the 100% and we bring out the extra 10% that is required to ensure that you reach your goals.

We Know That It's Difficult

  • I  don’t have the time
  • I am too stressed
  • I hate dieting
  • Cardio machines bore me
  • I don’t have anyone to push me,
  • I never get the results I want.
  • I have kids.
  • I need to get in shape before I go to the gym
  • I haven’t worked out in years 

Finally The Answer Is Here!

Now you have no reason not to get in the best shape of your life. You will see the results that you want in as little as 30 minutes a day, 2 to 3 days a week.  There are no crazy diets. We give you a few easy guidelines to follow; you lose inches and burn fat with our intense calorie burning workouts.   Our limited group size ensures that our trainers give you the personal attention you need to push you and motivate you to reach your goals. Every workout is different and challenging to ensure that you don’t lose interest or stop seeing the most important thing. RESULTS!
I Want To Schedule A Time

So You Think You Are Ready?

So you like the sound of all of this and want to give it a try? You want to test yourself both physically and mentally? You want to see results? Then all you have to do is put aside the excuses and set aside the time. If you have considered working with a personal trainer before, you know that it can cost $400 to $800 a month. We have designed these small group sessions to be affordable and still give you the same quality results and attention at a much lower cost.
Take action now! Waiting until the perfect time is the reason that most people get out of shape. A week turns into a month and then into a year. The longer you wait to start, the longer it will be until you will see the results that you want. Our group sizes are limited, so make today the day you get started on the road to reaching your goals. You may be thinking that this is going to be expensive well you are wrong. Our goal is to make working with an experienced trainer fun, rewarding, and affordable.

Each class is limited to a small group so call today for available times.

What You Can Expect

Burn fat 7-9 times faster than ordinary exercise programs
Tighten and sculpt those stubborn fat areas
Build strong muscles and get a lean body
Gain self-confidence and see yourself in a new, positive light
Set a good example for your children and inspire them to be healthy and fit
Make new, supportive friends who are on the same journey as you
Learn how easy and fun maintaining your new fit body is
Increase your confidence by challenging yourself every workout

Check This Out!

Our Group Personal Training starts as low as $125 /month!
Now that’s a hell of a bargain!!
In addition to the incredible value and awesome training that the BDJ Fitness program provides, members will also receive:

  • Access to all of our group fitness programs
  • Workout times that meet every schedule from 5:45am to 7:00pm daily.
  • Limited Group Sizes to ensure you don’t get lost in the crowd
    Yeah, this program has it all…

Are you ready to finally achieve your weight loss and fitness goals AND maintain them forever?
Well, I’m ready to help you every step of the way… LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!

Brian Jones

P.S. – Now’s your chance to take advantage of our openings and see for yourself that YOU CAN ACHIEVE ALL YOUR WEIGHT LOSS & FITNESS GOALS!
P.P.S. – The next few weeks are going to go by no matter what… You might as well make good use of them with this special workout…