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Annihilation: Total Body Revolution 14 Day Workout One On One Training

Finally Learn The Answers To Burn Unwanted Body Fat!

Did you know that if you have ever followed one, or many of the most popular workout routines or diets, that you have most likely destroyed your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn fat and build lean muscle?

If you have followed the normal long boring cardio routines and low carb low fat diets your metabolism has been damaged permanently.

I see it every day in the gym.

It is painful to watch people starve themselves, follow boring nutrition plans, and do hours of cardio on the elliptical machine or treadmill day in and day out only to see little or no results.

I have spent over half of my life dedicated to helping people improve their health and fitness levels and get rid of stubborn body fat. I train people all day long, do exhaustive research, and design customized fitness and nutrition plans all night. It is my passion. There is nothing I would rather do.

Every day I answer phone calls, respond to emails, and have people visit me in person with their stories of fear, frustration and desires.

The fear is that they will never reach their fat loss and fitness goals.

The frustration is from all the hard work in the gym and the sacrifices of food only to see minimal results that are temporary at best, or worse, finding themselves with no results or more body fat than when they started.

The only desire is a training system and nutrition plan that actually works and is sustainable.

Well fear no longer.

Tell your frustrations goodbye forever.

Get ready to see your desires that you thought were only a fantasy become a reality.

I have worked day and night the last few months to come up with the perfect system to:

  • Conquer and repair your damaged metabolism forever
  • Completely revolutionize your nutrition and exercise habits
  • Burn unwanted body fat with a proven effective nutrition plan and fitness routine
  • Do all of these in only 14 DAYS!

THAT’S Right…14 Days!



14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Workout and Nutrition Program

That Annihilates Unwanted Body Fat!


The truth is what you have been taught and what you believe about fitness and nutrition may be completely wrong!

That’s right…WRONG!

I watch people in the gym everyday doing it WRONG!

I have watched trainers in the gym doing it WRONG!

Don’t worry it’s not your fault…

We are all only human. As humans we naturally cling to the beliefs and principles we were taught.

Even when scientific evidence comes along to completely disprove those beliefs and principles…

In developing this program I experienced the stress and anxiety of leaving the comfort zone of what I was taught was the one and only way…

However; I also know one irrefutable fact…



I love to experiment…

I am not going to bore you with scientific studies or exercise physiology! It is my job to know that…I know the only thing important to you is losing the fat and building the muscle…


I just want to share a couple of facts with you that may surprise you…you may even disagree with them.

That’s ok, I was skeptical at first too…

However; being the rebel that I am I jumped in head first, tested these ideas and looked at the results with a close critical eye…

This is what I found…



Low carb diets, low carb foods, low carb diet shakes, low carb this, low carb that net carb impact carb blah blah blah!

At first I though no way…carbs are bad…that is just common sense…

However the truth was I watched people follow these diets lose a little weight at first and then…

end up even FATTER!

Why is this?

The simple fact is that extremely low-calorie/low carb diets were developed as a short term solution by the medical field and the diet industry.

These diets were not intended to be followed for more than 2 weeks a month.

The most popular low carb diet was developed for obese patients to drop as much weight as possible 2 to 3 weeks before a major surgery.

All of the low calorie diets and pills leave you starving, zapped of energy and constantly obsessing about the foods you can’t have…

When you add in the irritability caused by the restriction, the increased cortisol production that stops your fat loss it becomes evident that counting carbs and calories quickly becomes a roadmap to failure…

The yo-yo dieting effect begins and the destruction of your metabolism has begun…

Almost everyone who goes on calorie/carb restrictive diets end up fatter than before?


The reason is when you deprive the body of certain key nutrients you trigger the body’s natural survival instinct that causes the body to store fat instead of burning it for energy.

Instead of burning fat the body begins to burn lean muscle tissue slowing your metabolism to a grinding halt!

At some point you will go off of the restrictive diet and return to normal eating…

When this happens you will gain all of the weight back, but wait it gets worse…

The weight you gain back is almost entirely all fat…the muscle is gone.


That’s right…I’ll say it. It SUCKS!

I would rather be hung by my ankles and beaten with a wet rubber hose than to walk on a treadmill for an hour.

This is how I feel doing long slow cardio

I am not a hamster in a wheel…

I don’t want to hurt any one’s feelings but if you walk for an hour every night on the treadmill or elliptical, you aren’t really “doing cardio.” You are only wasting an hour of your life that you will never get back.





Have you noticed that you and all of the people you know that do hours of long boring cardio never lose any weight?


It is because you are thinking in terms of volume.

If thirty minutes is good, an hour should be better, right?

The answer is NO!

What is the answer?

You have to start thinking in terms of intensity.

Study after study has shown that short metabolic burst workouts are better for burning stubborn body fat than long slow cardio workouts.

Yet I see every treadmill full every night with people walking…

going nowhere…

getting nowhere…

It breaks my heart to see people misled…

So instead of complaining I decided to do something about it…

Something that would turn everything you thought you knew completely upside down…

A system that is challenging but attainable…

A complete change in nutrition, workouts, motivation and intensity…



I know, I know. You have heard all of these claims from other trainers.

Of course I am going to say mine is the best program to lose unwanted body fat and build lean sculpted muscle. So I am going to do a rare thing for me…I am going to shut up and let these people tell you their experience with our training systems…

Elizabeth Cooper

Shane Morris

Mary Cotta

Just A Warning!!!



That’s right I feel I should be completely honest with you so that you don’t waste your valuable time and hard earned money!

This workout system works! It works fast. I have proven that with several clients already…however you have to keep in mind nothing works unless YOU do. If you are looking for quick fixes or shortcuts to hard work, then this is not for you.

However, if you are willing to take massive revolutionary action, follow the customized nutrition plan and be fully committed you will experience massive fat loss in only 14 days!

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 pounds or 50 pounds to lose this workout system will work if YOU do!

If you have 14 days to totally focus and dedicate yourself to the work and sacrifice it takes then the time to take action is NOW!

Every day that you wait is just one more day that you get further away from your goal of the fat loss that you want and deserve!


If you have looked into the cost of many national brands of weight loss programs you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 -$600 dollars for overpriced frozen dinners, supplements that taste like artificially flavored sand and a very vague generic one size fits all exercise plan. No customized fitness plan to burn unwanted stomach fat. No professional fitness expert to make sure you do everything correctly and get the most out of every single workout.

All you get is a website to log onto and weekly or monthly consultation with an hourly employee who learns everything they know about nutrition from some corporate manual.


14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Workout and Nutrition Program Includes:

  • Complete fitness assessment that includes measurements, weight and body fat test.
  • 14 – 30 minute one on one intense training sessions with a professional experienced fitness trainer.
  • Complete day to day meal by meal customized real food nutrition plan.

Normally a training schedule like this would cost around $500 or more….

But for a limited time we want to offer everyone the chance to experience the results of working with a professional trainer…

We want you to see what a difference you can make in two weeks….

We want your friends and family to see the difference and ask where you have been training…

So to accomplish that we are making this limited time offer at an extra low price…

The Entire 14 Day Fat Annihilator Workout and Nutrition Plan is only $300.00

Apply Today Before Its Too Late!!!

At this price our schedule is going to fill up fast…there are only so many hours in a day…So don’t wait!

Call or email today to set up your FREE consultation, schedule your individual time and get started on this effective proven fat loss system!

(479) 353-0119 and ask for Brian. Or email brian@bdjfitness.com

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