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BDJ Boxing For Fitness

Attention Fort Smith Men & Women…

Are you a boxing fan?

Have you ever been even slightly interested in learning this Awesome skill or finding a workout that is different and more interesting than walking on a treadmill or doing the same old workouts?


Why Boxing?

Most people’s first impression of boxing is a brutal violent sport where the object is for two people to knock each other out. What many people do not see is the art and science involved in the sport. Boxing requires your whole entire body to work together strength, speed, reflexes and cardiovascular conditioning. The amount of calories you will burn is amazing. Boxing is THE most complete workout. The combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise is a challenging and fun workout that results in a lean, toned, conditioned body.

The most challenging thing about staying in shape is staying motivated to exercise. Learning the techniques and skills of real boxers will keep you mentally focused and actually excited about going to the gym. You are not walking on a treadmill going nowhere or counting out monotonous rep after rep. You are hitting the heavy bag, hitting the focus mitts, learning how to slip and duck punches and move around the ring like a pro. The best part of it all is that while you are having fun and enjoying the challenge you will forget that you are exercising. You are having fun and at the same time you are getting stronger, faster and leaner.

The Workout

Boxing & High Intensity Conditioning
This is where you learn the basics and fundamentals of boxing. Each session is divided into two parts, skill training and strength and conditioning. In the skill training segment we will concentrate on basic fundamentals such as proper stance, proper punch technique and footwork. In the conditioning segment we will concentrate on high intensity interval drills, abdominal and core training.
You are going to do the same intense interval training, core and abdominal exercises that professional boxers do: brutal body-weight exercises, core training and killer abs that will have you sweating and crawling out of the gym on your hands and knees.



So you like the sound of all of this and want to lace up the gloves and give it a try?


You want to test yourself both physically and mentally?


You want to burn stubborn body fat and have lean toned defined muscles?


Then all you have to do is put aside the excuses and set aside the time and pick the plan that is right for you!

This plan will cover 16 individual training sessions with a professional boxing trainer. Sessions can be scheduled up to 5 days a week or a minimum of 2 days per week. Contact us for available times.

This plan covers all group training sessions for 30 days. Contact us for schedules.



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