3 Effective Workouts To Get Twice The Results In Half The Time!

    It doesn’t matter if you are new to fitness or have been working out for years…there is always a better more efficient way to get lean and burn stubborn body fat.
    If you are looking to just get started or just want to add some extra variety to your current workout I have just the thing for you…
    • These workouts are fun and can be done by anyone. If you aren’t familiar with HIIT Training don’t worry. It isn’t as complicated or intimidating as it sounds.
    HIIT is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. All this means is that instead of going at a slow steady state of activity we are going to alternate between short intervals going at maximum effort and short rest periods of recovery.
    These intervals can vary but to keep it short and simple we are going to do the well known Tabata Intervals of 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest.
    What is even better is that I’m going to give you exercises you can do anywhere…home or even at your desk with little or no equipment necessary.
    • So here we go…

    When you master this one or want to go for a bigger calorie burn try this one:

    And finally, when you are ready to really up the intensity try this one:

    There you have it…3 workouts to intensify and to burn more stubborn bodyfat and calories.

    • As always if you have any questions email or call me anytime!

      Check Out Our Video Below To See Some Of The HIIT Workouts we do in Annihilation: Total Body Training System.

Myths About Strength Training For Women – BUSTED!

One of the biggest concerns I deal with when discussing a fitness plan for women all go back to myths that scare women away from strength training.

The myths just won’t die and I have to set women’s mind at ease everyday.

I have been a trainer a very very long time.

I followed all the guru’s in the 90’s who claimed that women should only do very high reps with very low weights and do hours of steady state cardio.


Not to mention the results from that type of training are minimal and slower than a week in jail.

I began training athletes and became an avid student of strength and fitness and discovered the truth!

I can tell you these facts:

I train women who can do pullups, correctly.

They can deadlift and squat as much as some men in the gym…

I have trained women who won strongman contests , powerlifting competitions and  world champion boxers.

I can also tell you that all of these women had one thing in common…

They were small…

They were feminine…

They were not masculine or bulky at all…

    In the last 5 to 10 years women have been embracing getting strong and lifting heavier weights.
    Nothing has me more excited! I have known all along that strength training is critical for women. When it comes to overall fat loss and more importantly to prevent poor posture, osteoporosis and many other threats to the quality of life for women.
    However many women have been misinformed and made to believe that any form of strength training is harmful to their goals.
    Well I am here to bust those myths once and for all.

Myth #1- Lifting Weights Makes Women Big And Bulky

    We may as well start with the oldest myth that I am afraid will never die. I often get questions from women concerned that lifting anything heavier than a 10 pound dumbbell will having them looking masculine and large.
          • The truth is if a woman

        wanted to put on large amounts of muscle, nature and hormones are stacked against the ladies.

  • Women only possess about 5% of the hormone testosterone (the hormone responsible for adding muscle) that men do.
    • While I know there are exceptions, in the hundreds of women I have trained I have only known 2 or 3 women who put on large amounts of muscle exceptionally fast.
    The overwhelming majority of women will develop muscle at a much slower rate than men and will not get huge muscles.

Myth #2 – Women Should Only Lift Light Weights For 15 to 20 Reps For Definition

    While it doesn’t hurt to do some high rep exercises in High Intensity Cardio Sessions, it will not improve muscular definition.
    The amount of reps you do does not affect definition. Muscular definition is determined by how low your body fat levels are. We all have the muscle underneath the fat, we just have to lower our body fat levels low enough to see those muscles.
    What’s the quickest way to lower that body fat?
    You guessed it…strength training. Muscle is metabolic. That means that the more lean muscle you add the more calories your body burns every day.

Myth #3 – Women’s Bones And Joints Are Not Strong Enough To Support Lifting Heavier Weight

    This one is as old as exercise itself…
    The same thinking that was actually responsible for the belief that women are physically incapable of doing pushups or pullups.
    One key benefit of strength training for women is improved BONE DENSITY!
    Women’s risk of osteoporosis increases as their estrogen levels decrease. This can lead to softer more brittle bones that can negatively impact a woman’s quality of life.
    Strength training improves bone density and will decrease the chances of breaks, fractures and other problems associated with osteoporosis.
    Women are also more prone to back and neck pain due to pregnancy and hormonal changes. Building strong joints and muscles in the back and shoulders early on can help prevent this pain and discomfort.

I hope I answered your questions with the real facts about these myths. If you have any questions or want to discuss beginning a strength training program feel free to message or call me anytime.

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46 Life Truths That Have Helped Me Live A Badass 46 Years

Update for year 46…I forgot last year.

My life has been busy and chaotic.

No excuses.

I have made friends with the chaos.

It is my greatest source of energy.

That’s Right!

It is that time of year again…

I just turned 46!

I got some great gifts and even more over the hill jokes…

I’m nowhere near washed up…

Many people think it’s time for me to slow down…Actually I am just getting warmed up.

Well I must say that my first 46 years on this earth have been one up and down crazy adventure. I have laughed. I have cried. I have punched walls and punched people. Experience is a test you get before you get the lesson.

I have started from meager beginnings and overcome great obstacles.

I have traveled the world and lived my dreams. I’ve made great friends and lifelong enemies. It has been anything but boring. Mediocre has never been my style.

I have succeeded in big ways. I have failed in even bigger ways. I never give up.

I was once told that I wasn’t smart enough to quit…

I took it as a compliment.

I have learned that life just kind of happens whether you want it to or not.

Most people just kind of exist…

They aren’t happy. They are just making it day-to-day.

They are living everyday wishing for 5 pm and Friday afternoon.

They are just getting by…

I would hate to see you fall into the same trap.

So to celebrate my 44st  birthday I am going to share 44 Truths I learned that helped me live a Bad Ass 44 years that I hope you find useful as well.

1. The world owes you nothing, it was here first.

2. Self pity is the most powerful and addictive narcotic ever made. Don’t become a junkie.

3. If you ever find that you are feeling sorry for yourself watch a Rocky Balboa speech.

4.Read every single day. Read good books like biographies, motivational stories and quotes that are designed to encourage and empower you. Never watch the news or read the paper. They are designed to depress you and enslave you.

5. Never Fear Failure. If you are afraid of losing you will never win.

6. Life will knock you down and then kick you while you are on the ground. The more you cry the harder you get kicked. Don’t cry. Get back up and dare life to knock you down again. Then get up again. Repeat.

7. When you do fall, fall flat on your back. If you can look up you can get up.

8. Most people are just living to die. Be a person who is dying to live.

9. Where you began your life was someone else’s decision. Good or bad. Where you go with your life is your decision. Make good ones.

10. The world will not break your heart. It will crush your heart. Acknowledge, move on.

11. People love to watch a fire burn. Set yourself on fire and inspire all those around you.

12. Who you surround yourself with determines your level of success and your mindset. Iron sharpens Iron.

13. If you surround yourself with morons, so that you can feel like a genius, just remember you aren’t a genius. You are just a better moron.

14. Some people are born with bigger advantages and more talent than you. Stop whining about this and just accept that you will have to work twice as hard and be twice as tough. Hard work will always beat talent.

15. We are meant to be individuals. Followers never win. Be a wolf not a sheep.

16. Stop wasting time trying to fit in or make people like you. That is investing in other people. Invest in yourself. You are worth it.

17. You never have as many friends as you think you do.

18. You never have as many enemies as you think you do.

19. Always be the happiest person in the room. It won’t make you popular, but it will irritate all of the unhappy people and drive them out of your presence.

20. Never be afraid to take action. Remember that when you take action with a big idea that things will go wrong, you will screw up. So what. You can fix them later. Massive success is a byproduct of massive chaos.

21. Never stop learning from people who are more experienced. They can help you avoid some big landmines.

22. Never stop learning from people who are less experienced. They can help you from becoming outdated and old.

23. You are never the exception. You are always the rule. Listen to people who have been through what you are going through. Over the years people do not change, only the technology changes. You are not a special exception.

24. When you tell people your problems always remember that 90% of the world does not care about your problems. The other 10% are happy that you have them.

25. If you think that other people, Republicans or Democrats, Conservative or Liberals,  your ex spouse or the city you live in is your biggest problem, then YOU are your biggest problem. None of those people care enough about you to make your life hard. If you hate the city you live in, then move.

26. Being bitter is like drinking poison and expecting the rest of the world to die.

27. If a friend, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or employee wants to leave you, don’t beg them to stay. Hold the door open for them. Let someone more deserving have the great opportunity.

28. When you walk your own path in life you will do it alone. People will be irritated and offended. Let them be. They are just crabs in the bucket.

29. If you don’t know what crabs in the bucket are read:


30. There are 3 kinds of business. YOUR business which is your thoughts and actions. OTHER PEOPLE’S business, which is their thoughts and actions. LIFE’S business which is weather, traffic and the economy. Only concern yourself with YOUR business. All the other types of business are out of your control.

31.Chase your passions not money. Never spend years sacrificing and studying to be something that does not interest you at all just because it pays well. If you chase your passion you will be great at what you do and the money will find you. If you chase the money you will not own things, they will own you.

32. People could care less how much you know. They are more concerned with knowing how much you care.

33. Shrinking yourself down so that you won’t make those around you feel bad does no one any favors. You were meant to shine. Truly great people make you feel that you too can be great. Only surround yourself with those people.

34. The most important skill in life is making people happier and feeling better about themselves. If you master this skill you are a winner. If you make people sad or reinforce their insecurities you are a loser.

35. People who are born with stripes do not die with spots. When someone tells you who they are, believe them the first time.

36. Once is a mistake, twice is stupid. If you pick a rattlesnake up 5 times it will bite you 5 times. Leave the rattlesnakes alone.

37. Being successful means you have to break away from the pack. It is scary and painful but you can’t take everyone with you. You are only able to push people. If you try to pull people they will only drag you down.

38. There are no secrets or magic formulas. Nothing is natural or easy. You won’t make money sitting on your ass and you won’t get healthy and thin eating fast food and popping pills.The magic formula  is hard work. The secret is getting off your ass.

39. If you are fortunate you may have 3 or 4 friends in your entire life who want you to succeed. The rest are just acquaintances who never want you to have more than them.

40. Never beg the world to let you…Dare the world to try and stop you.

41. Love your life and love yourself…the days you are wasting right now you will soon be begging to have back.

42. Complain about this country all you want…It is not perfect but if you are born into the worst ghetto in Detroit, you are still a thousand miles ahead of the rest of the world. This is the only country on the planet that provides you the opportunity to change your station in life.

43. Just because you have been hurt, mistreated and lied to, do not let that turn you into a hammer. If you only have a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail.

44. Letting the way people have treated you in the past influence how you treat others in the future is a sign of weakness. True strength is trusting after you have been lied to, being happy when everyone would understand if you were sad. It takes strength to believe in yourself when others have made you question your worth.

45. Remember don’t be afraid to fail…if you fail enough times it creates a mountain that you can stand on. You look and feel smarter to others but the truth is you were too busy screwing things up to notice anyone else. Success isn’t a result of luck or privilege…it is the ability to fail or fall down and get back up and finish with the same amount of energy you had when you first started.

46. Be comfortable with the fact that you will never “get it all done.” You will never be “there” or “caught up”  let alone “ahead of the game.” If you are going to have any kind of accomplishment or success you had better make friends with chaos and uncertainty.  Chaos is the order of the universe and will continually throw obstacles in your path. Stop stressing…just deal with it. The positive thing about chaos is that it is fair. Everyone who is breathing is experiencing some form of chaos. Stop thinking you are special. Life kills us all equally and fairly.

As always thank you for reading and following me…

Born To Be A Rebel…


I must admit the truth…

I always have been and always will be a bit of a rebel…

Not in the “get stupid drunk, snort a bag of cocaine and wrap my car around a tree and teach my parents a lesson” kind of way…

I am a rebel in the sense that I am never satisfied with a status quo. My greatest fear is mediocrity.Being a sheep led to the slaughter.

I am always rocking the boat. It is just my nature. I don’t intend to make people uncomfortable or give them anxiety. It just happens that way.

I believe in consistently raising the bar…

If you aren’t growing you are dying…it’s that simple.

My whole career I have seen people accomplish great things.

Reach amazing goals and then just take it easy. Coast along.

Become content with  mediocrity.

That has always been my greatest nightmare.

When you become content that means it is over.

That is when you become dated and obsolete. A dinosaur.

I remember those trainers when I was younger. Telling stories of what they used to do. Talking about THAT client that last 30 pounds 10 years ago. Watching them operate on auto pilot taking clients through the same boring workout that THEY loved, not noticing that their clients were bored to tears and seeing no progress.

That is my greatest fear…becoming THAT trainer. That fear is what motivates me to come up with new things, new ideas different ways to motivate people.

It doesn’t matter if they are 25 year old pro boxers or 45 year old wives and mothers, I want to make sure that they are always working at their full potential and getting awesome results.

This is much more difficult than most people realize…

You see the fitness business has been around a long time. I have had the great fortune of being involved in this business for over 20 years.

During the last 20 years I have had the privilege of working with many different expert trainers in many different sports and specialized training systems.

My background was in boxing. The old school sweat box hit the bag, run 5 miles a day and jump rope type of gym.

Weights were forbidden. The theory back then was weights made you big and bulky and “muscle bound”.

When I first began as a trainer it was nothing but weights and aerobics.

You did 3 sets of 8-10 if you were a man, 3 sets of 15-20 if you were a woman. So you wouldn’t get bulky of course.

Only women did cardio classes. Hi-Lo or step aerobics were your only choices.

Spandex workout outfits were required.

Powerlifting was only for college football players.

Yoga was for hippies and senior citizens.

Pushups and line drills were for high school gym class.

You picked your training system and you stuck with it. It was that simple. Everyone believed that their way was the only way.

You chose your system and you stuck with it.

No deviations.

If you were a weight lifter and you did an aerobics class or some pushups you were forever ostracized and ridiculed.

So when I started out as a boxer, then started working with body builders I upset some people.I was hired because the owner of the gym was a boxing fan and wanted to help me out. So he and the other trainers taught me every thing they could about lifting heavy and getting big. I knew I had to be knowledgeable if I was going to be a 140 pound boxer training people to get big and strong. So I learned and worked with some awesome trainers. I never trained any Mr. Olympia competitors but I did have some success helping many  people get outstanding results and gaining some outstanding knowledge.

Aerobox, yes it was real.

When I was recruited to teach a boxing aerobics class, I was the butt of many jokes. I had never even done an aerobics class. This aerobics class was nothing like the boxing training I had done. So I studied with some awesome aerobics instructors and learned all about 8 counts, 16 counts and 32 counts. Although AeroBox was a big failure it was a great learning experience. The most valuable thing I learned is that I was not an aerobics instructor.

When MMA first began in the early 90’s I met a strength and conditioning coach who trained some top contenders at that time. Their background was in college wrestling and throwing punches was a totally foreign concept to them.He pointed out, in a not so polite manner, after watching me train some people that I didn’t know s**t about strength and conditioning. So we made an agreement. I would help him train his athletes in boxing and he taught me about strength and conditioning for athletes which was vastly different from what I had learned about weightlifting. Strength and conditioning focused on becoming stronger and faster, not just becoming bigger. Once again I learned a new method and training system.

One door closed and another door opened.

"Enough with these ridiculous polo shirts! If we are fitness trainers why do we have to dress like waiters at Applebee's?"
“Enough with these ridiculous polo shirts! If we are fitness trainers why do we have to dress like waiters at Applebee’s?”

As I went through the years I still remained primarily the cliche 3 sets of 8-10, 30 minutes of cardio and clipboard carrying trainer. Not to mention that in the 90’s all the gyms wanted you to wear those stupid polo shirts and khaki shorts. It was horrible. I felt ridiculous.

I was no longer inspired as before.  I always attacked it with enthusiasm but my heart wasn’t in it, I was just making a living. It was just a job. I was just a sheep. A follower. Mediocre and common.

I stayed in the fitness business but actually got away from training for a few years. I decided after a brief period to go back to my first love…Boxing.

I began training some amateur and pro boxers. Experienced some great success and found my original passion once again. I started out at the bottom in small smoky halls and ended up in huge arenas in Vegas,Berlin and Budapest. It was rewarding having top 10 ranked professionals and a world champion.

When I decided to take a more limited role in the boxing game I had the idea to turn the skill of boxing into a personal training program. My idea was met with some doubts and criticism but I decided to launch it anyway. I will admit I was skeptical at first, especially with the failure I experienced with AeroBox. What I learned from that experience is that Aerobics instructors trying to water down a sport and set it to 16 count music is a formula for disaster. I wanted this to be REAL Boxing. Hitting the mitts, hitting the bag. Learning to slip punches and counter-punch. I really honestly believed that if people ever experienced that feeling of adrenaline and confidence they would definitely be back for more.

There was some skepticism that people would actually pay to learn how to box if they never had  plans to compete in the sport. Being the rebel that I am, I ignored the critics held my breath and jumped in head first. The results would be my vindication…


Well I am happy to say that BDJ Boxing For Fitness has been a huge success ever since it began. The results have been amazing. I have seen some major transformations in the people I have trained, anywhere from 10 pounds to 60 pounds!

People started telling their friends and coworkers how sore they were and how much fun they were having working out. The conditioning drills I was using at the end of my sessions were just as popular as the boxing. Members were crowding around the doorway just to watch people workout. Soon after I took the popular conditioning drills and formatted into an hour training session and boom!!!

Annihilation:Total Body Training System was born!

I had many critics who warned me that lowering the cost of personal training and doing 3d-03small group sessions was a horrible idea. As usual I plodded forward and was happy I did. I have worked with tons of awesome people and even trademarked the system, licensed it to other trainers. The beginning of this year I published an e-book.

If only I had some of my old English teacher’s address, I would send them a copy.

A few of them doubted I would ever do anything but hard time in a correctional facility.


I didn’t intend for this to be a history lesson so I will just make my point.

Sometimes the key to success is never accepting the status quo.

Realize that when you believe you know everything you stop growing.

If you stop learning and stop growing you die. Just that simple.

Be brave, but not reckless. Never fear failure, but when you do take away some knowledge 792151_10151222747092076_40541657_oand apply it to your future successes.

Failure is not losing, failure is simply quitting.

So be a rebel.

You won’t always win.

You will pay a price.

It won’t be easy but I promise it will be worth it.

When everyone tells you what can’t be done, tell them to stay out of your way while you are doing it.

Thanks for reading,


The Power Of Words

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
Rudyard Kipling

Words have power.

Our words determine our attitude.

Our success and failure.

I take words very seriously. I am careful when I choose words on my blog posts, dealing with clients and people around me.

In my book Annihilation:Total Body Training System, there is a whole chapter on words that you must remove from your vocabulary in order to succeed.

Which brings me to my point…my least favorite word.

That word is resolution.

I know it is ironic isn’t it?

I mean I am a personal trainer and a membership director of a fitness facility. New Year’s Resolutions should excite and inspire me right?

Well I am sad to say that I don’t like the word at all.

So back to words…

When you hear the word resolution, do you think of people making great changes to their lives, overcoming obstacles and making positive lasting changes?

I doubt it.

I would be willing to wager a sizable sum that you have the same thoughts I do.

People work out, quit smoking and eat right for a week…

Then they give up. Just like everyone said they would.

You probably roll your eyes and have a smug grin on your face when you hear your friends and co-workers talk about what they are going to change.

If you had a resolution in January you probably kept it to yourself so that you wouldn’t get the same response.

We all know the routine all too well. It has become an accepted sport to make fun of people making resolutions and booking bets on who will quit first…

So I have pointed this out, that is easy.

Pointing out flaws and shortcomings is simple to do, no talent required.

So me being me. Doing what I do. I decided to fix this situation.


Try and convince me that Revolution isn’t a better word…

Resolution kind of sounds weak. It’s like saying I am going to try.

If you have ever trained with me or read my book you know how bad I hate the word try.


Revolution…now that sounds exciting.

It sounds violent and unrelenting…Revolution is the opposite of acceptance…

It means there is no turning back…

I was so inspired by the word I looked it up. I am a bit of a nerd like that…

I love the dictionary. Always have.

One of the definitions was:  a sudden, radical, or complete change a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something : a change of paradigm.

That’s right in order to succeed at any goal there has to be a fundamental change in the way we THINK about something…

If you are only thinking about all the fast food and candy bars you are going to be missing out on, instead of thinking about having more energy and fitting into those favorite jeans in your closet that you used to wear, you will fail.

I see it everyday…

The other great thing about a revolution is it can take place at any time…

Not just the first week of January…

You can be a rebel…

You can begin your fitness revolution RIGHT NOW!

I know that the toughest step is the first step.

That’s what I am here for!

That’s what I do.I show you the trail and point you in the direction to walk…

I know not everyone lives in my area or has the opportunity to train with me.

But don’t worry…

That is why I wrote Annihilation:Total Body Training System

So everyone could have access to the ultimate guide to fat burning success!

And because I am so excited to see you start your own revolution I am going to offer my book at a discounted rate from now until March 1st by clicking on the link below!


Work hard and let me know how your revolution progresses!