“The question is not who is going to let me, it is who is going to stop me.”

– Ayn Rand








I will keep this short since this site isn’t about me it’s about you.

I am a personal trainer. I created Annihilation: Total Body Training System, Iron Elite Strength & Conditioning, Guns, Buns & Abs and BDJ Boxing For Fitness.

I love boxing, working out, training people, reading and watching nerdy documentaries.

I spend all day at The Iron Warehouse Gym in Fort Smith, AR training my kick ass list of clients.Late at night and on the weekends I answer emails, design new workouts and write blog posts for your education and entertainment.

I also love Charlie Brown, Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader and Johnny Cash.



My purpose with this blog is to help you navigate through the lies, deceptions and tricks used by the mainstream fitness industry and greedy trainers.

After 26 years in the fitness business as a personal trainer, I have witnessed many good people taken advantage of by companies that make bogus products and useless gadgets.It is a billion dollar industry that preys on your confusion, frustrations and insecurities.

That really bothers me.

I will empower and motivate you to see through the bullshit,scams and lies saving you time, money, frustration and unnecessary health risks.

I warn you this blog is not for the easily offended or people who take things too seriously. Everything on this blog is straight to the point and no b.s.

Just a warning.

Yes…I did write a book.



I know you may think that fitness is all about looking good in a swimsuit or bench pressing 500 pounds but it isn’t that simple.

I truly believe it goes much deeper than appearance. Sure it is nice to have a flat stomach or to be able to wear the same size jeans you did when you graduated high school.

I have helped many people lose 20, 30, 50 even 70 pounds.

However the most rewarding part of my career is seeing the change in people’s attitude and confidence. When I see someone make the transition from being insecure and sometimes even depressed to confident and supremely happy it reminds me that I chose the correct career path.

I want to motivate people not just in the gym but for the toughest sport of all…Life!

I transform helpless sheep into vicious wolves who succeed in every aspect of their personal and professional life.

I believe in keeping things simple in the gym.

I am not a big fan of boring machines or 3 hour-long marathon weight lifting sessions 7 days a week.

Intensity is always better than volume. I believe in short, intense, consistent focused training sessions.

Discipline, desire and determination are the only character traits that can make lasting and sustainable progress. There are no quick fixes or overnight magical cures.


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I’d love to hear what subjects or topics you are interested in learning more about.

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