3 Effective Workouts To Get Twice The Results In Half The Time!

    It doesn’t matter if you are new to fitness or have been working out for years…there is always a better more efficient way to get lean and burn stubborn body fat.
    If you are looking to just get started or just want to add some extra variety to your current workout I have just the thing for you…
    • These workouts are fun and can be done by anyone. If you aren’t familiar with HIIT Training don’t worry. It isn’t as complicated or intimidating as it sounds.
    HIIT is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. All this means is that instead of going at a slow steady state of activity we are going to alternate between short intervals going at maximum effort and short rest periods of recovery.
    These intervals can vary but to keep it short and simple we are going to do the well known Tabata Intervals of 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest.
    What is even better is that I’m going to give you exercises you can do anywhere…home or even at your desk with little or no equipment necessary.
    • So here we go…

    When you master this one or want to go for a bigger calorie burn try this one:

    And finally, when you are ready to really up the intensity try this one:

    There you have it…3 workouts to intensify and to burn more stubborn bodyfat and calories.

    • As always if you have any questions email or call me anytime!

      Check Out Our Video Below To See Some Of The HIIT Workouts we do in Annihilation: Total Body Training System.

Myths About Strength Training For Women – BUSTED!

One of the biggest concerns I deal with when discussing a fitness plan for women all go back to myths that scare women away from strength training.

The myths just won’t die and I have to set women’s mind at ease everyday.

I have been a trainer a very very long time.

I followed all the guru’s in the 90’s who claimed that women should only do very high reps with very low weights and do hours of steady state cardio.


Not to mention the results from that type of training are minimal and slower than a week in jail.

I began training athletes and became an avid student of strength and fitness and discovered the truth!

I can tell you these facts:

I train women who can do pullups, correctly.

They can deadlift and squat as much as some men in the gym…

I have trained women who won strongman contests , powerlifting competitions and  world champion boxers.

I can also tell you that all of these women had one thing in common…

They were small…

They were feminine…

They were not masculine or bulky at all…

    In the last 5 to 10 years women have been embracing getting strong and lifting heavier weights.
    Nothing has me more excited! I have known all along that strength training is critical for women. When it comes to overall fat loss and more importantly to prevent poor posture, osteoporosis and many other threats to the quality of life for women.
    However many women have been misinformed and made to believe that any form of strength training is harmful to their goals.
    Well I am here to bust those myths once and for all.

Myth #1- Lifting Weights Makes Women Big And Bulky

    We may as well start with the oldest myth that I am afraid will never die. I often get questions from women concerned that lifting anything heavier than a 10 pound dumbbell will having them looking masculine and large.
          • The truth is if a woman

        wanted to put on large amounts of muscle, nature and hormones are stacked against the ladies.

  • Women only possess about 5% of the hormone testosterone (the hormone responsible for adding muscle) that men do.
    • While I know there are exceptions, in the hundreds of women I have trained I have only known 2 or 3 women who put on large amounts of muscle exceptionally fast.
    The overwhelming majority of women will develop muscle at a much slower rate than men and will not get huge muscles.

Myth #2 – Women Should Only Lift Light Weights For 15 to 20 Reps For Definition

    While it doesn’t hurt to do some high rep exercises in High Intensity Cardio Sessions, it will not improve muscular definition.
    The amount of reps you do does not affect definition. Muscular definition is determined by how low your body fat levels are. We all have the muscle underneath the fat, we just have to lower our body fat levels low enough to see those muscles.
    What’s the quickest way to lower that body fat?
    You guessed it…strength training. Muscle is metabolic. That means that the more lean muscle you add the more calories your body burns every day.

Myth #3 – Women’s Bones And Joints Are Not Strong Enough To Support Lifting Heavier Weight

    This one is as old as exercise itself…
    The same thinking that was actually responsible for the belief that women are physically incapable of doing pushups or pullups.
    One key benefit of strength training for women is improved BONE DENSITY!
    Women’s risk of osteoporosis increases as their estrogen levels decrease. This can lead to softer more brittle bones that can negatively impact a woman’s quality of life.
    Strength training improves bone density and will decrease the chances of breaks, fractures and other problems associated with osteoporosis.
    Women are also more prone to back and neck pain due to pregnancy and hormonal changes. Building strong joints and muscles in the back and shoulders early on can help prevent this pain and discomfort.

I hope I answered your questions with the real facts about these myths. If you have any questions or want to discuss beginning a strength training program feel free to message or call me anytime.

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Faster Results From Your Workouts

It is one of the great frustrations of a fitness journey…

You spend hours and hours in the gym working out but your progress has come to a grinding halt.

You are stuck and you just can’t seem to break past that barrier…


Before you give up and and go shopping for bigger clothes try a few of these tips to break past that plateau!

1.) Grab Those Weights!

If strength training is not in your fitness plan you are missing out on major progress.

The old belief that using weights makes women big and bulky is outdated and false.

Muscle is metabolic. The body will burn approximately 5 more calories for each pound of lean muscle added. That is significant…If you are still worried that lifting weights will make you all big and bulky…don’t. We figured that out in the 90’s…


2.) Forget long boring treadmill workouts…HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training) is the only way to burn massive amounts of fat.

Numerous studies over the past 25 years have all yielded the same result…

Workouts that consist of short intense bouts of exercise followed by a slow recovery time and then back to high intensity work burns more fat in less time.

If you are still doing 30 minute jogs on the treadmill or elliptical…stop the madness!

3.) Stop Doing THE Workout!

You know what I ma talking about. We have all  seen people do the same exact workout routine for as long as you can remember.

The same exercises in the same order with the same weight!

What most people don’t understand is that the human body is the most amazing machine ever…

The body’s sole purpose is to adapt…that is what increased muscle mass is…

It is the body adapting to an overload. However once the body starts adapting to that overload there will be no further response.

The only way to continue to see progress is to constantly change the variables. Change your workout at least every 3 weeks. Change everything. Change the sets, change the reps and intensity. Forget 3 x 8 with moderate weight. Try 5 x 5 , 6 x 3, 8 x 2. Just adjust the weight accordingly.

4.) Follow A Nutrition Plan That Is Right For You And Your Goals.

Nutrition plans are not one size fits all. Every person has a unique situation and different goals.

Low Carb? Paleo? Gluten Free? it goes on and on.

It is not as complicated as many of the advertisers would have you believe.

Just keep your protein intake at around 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight and get rid of the bread and sugar and replace with vegetables.

The other thing is you have to be prepared. Cook your meals in advance for 3 to 5 days. It is by far the best way to keep your eating on track.

Not having food prepared ahead of time will always lead to a fast food window or gorging yourself because you missed meals and were starving.

One hour a week preparing meals can make a huge difference in your long term goals.

5.) Hire An Experienced Personal Trainer.

I know, I know. Of course I would say this, right? It is just a fact, people who work with qualified trainers see faster and safer results. A knowledgeable trainer will know which pitfalls to help you avoid and design a fitness plan that will work best for YOU.

Many of my most successful clients were not beginners. They had been working hard for years to reach their goals. They just needed help to break through that plateau and realized the value of hiring a professional trainer.

There you have it. If you follow these 5 tips you will start seeing results  at a much faster rate.

As always feel free to e-mail me brian@bdjfitness.com for any of your fitness and nutrition questions.

5 Reasons You Aren’t Seeing Results In The Gym

I know.

You spend hours in the gym 6 days a week…

I get emails everyday from desperate and frustrated people looking for a solution to a very common problem…

Not seeing results from your workouts.

It is frustrating I know.

You are only eating 1000 a day and taking your magic potion pill everyday just like the lady on the internet told you to.

You are doing 45 minutes to an hour of cardio on your favorite cardio machine everyday.

You do the same circuit of machines and 100 crunches…EVERYDAY!


You are frustrated.

You are tired.

You are hungry.

You feel like you want to rip the stuffing out of a toybox full of Care Bears…

It just isn’t fair…

Well relax…

And for the love of everything holy!

Spare the Care Bears…


Get ready to smile again…

Smile because I have the answer to your most pressing question…

What am i doing wrong?

Well here it is…in black and white.

top 5 reasons you aren’t seeing results from your workout.

1.) You are not eating enough.

That’s right. You are probably eating only once or twice a day. It would seem that if you want to lose weight you should just eat less, right?

Not always. The body starts slowing down if your total caloric intake falls too low. This results in increased fat storage…which is not the goal.

2.) You are doing too much cardio.

When I say cardio I am referring to long, slow paced workouts on the treadmill or elliptical. The idea that hour long sessions on the treadmill burns fat is a myth. Actually going longer than 20 minutes increases cortisol (the stress hormone) production which promotes fat storage.

3)You are doing the wrong workouts.

If you are getting your workouts from fitness magazines and social media posts you are going to hit a plateau pretty quick.

These are usually cookie cutter one size fits all workouts that are based on outdated sciences or just someone’s randomly thrown together workout.

4.) You are listening to the wrong advice.

I am not referring to the magazines or websites. I am talking about taking fitness and nutrition advice from friends, spouses, other people at the gym.

While these people are well meaning, they may just be regurgitating information they read in magazines or saw on social media. You don’t want to trust something as important as your health and fitness to the latest broscience.

5.)You are doing the same workout over and over and over again.

Most people I see in the gym have what I refer to as a default workout. I have seen people do the exact same routine for years at a time.

The human body is meant to adapt. In order to continue to get a response, we must constantly change the stimulus for effective results.

Now if you are doing any, or all of these don’t panic.

Do not beat yourself up.

You must understand that the confusion is what makes it possible for the savvy marketers and snake oil salesman to take advantage of you.

They take a little bit of science and a whole bunch of clever wording and make you believe they have the cure in a bottle, powder or a pill.

If it were that easy I’d be selling magic instead of working day and night to get people in great shape.

However I am happy it isn’t real.

I feel blessed to make a living helping great people sift through the myths and lies.

It is rewarding to show people that having that lean muscle and flat stomach is not only possible, it is unavoidable when you follow a simple effective plan.


Ode to L.A. (Henry Rollins, Compton Train Ride & Barb Wire)

Writing my first fitness book Annihilation: Total Body Training System was a much bigger job than I anticipated. It took me and several other awesome people on my team over a year to complete.

The book was a labor of love. The editing was even more challenging. After firing my first editor I had the great fortune of finding a wonderful editor Kisha. We exchanged many emails and hours of phone calls before we were confident enough to release the final product. It was a stressful obstacle filled journey but the end result was worth it.

Last year I accepted an invitation from my awesome editor Kisha to come spend a couple of days in L.A. (Los Angeles not lower Arkansas) to celebrate the launch of Annihilation:Total Body Training System  

When I found out that Henry Rollins was going to be in Beverly Hills that same weekend…the deal was sealed.

Henry rollins screaming
Henry Rollins


I scheduled people to cover my training sessions and booked the hotel…I was getting on a plane.

I was staying in downtown Long Beach but the show was in Beverly Hills.

I was going to get the whole L.A. experience on my way to see Mr. Rollins.

The distance to the venue was about an hour train ride and 30 minute cab ride. Los Angeles never ends, the city is huge.

The only thing I knew about Long Beach is that it was the home of Snoop Dog and the LBC…

Then the train took us through Compton…the only knowledge I had of this city was from Eazy E, N.W.A. and Boys In The Hood.

I saw the Staples Center in Inglewood and finally Beverly Hills…

A rare actual pic of me
A rare actual pic of me

I was amazed…when you see things in real life they are never as awful or as awesome as you have imagined…

No Crips and Bloods turf wars in Compton…

Beverly Hills was just some streets and stores…nothing magical like it looks on television.

The theater Henry Rollins was performing in was small. It reminded me of my old high school theater…

I was in row six and could see Henry’s sweat beads on his forehead…WINNING!

Henry Rollins talked about his meager beginnings and what it took to overcome where he started. How he went from making minimum wage managing an ice cream shop to lead singer of Black Flag to author to actor…it hit a chord with me and my journey to overcome my small and adversity filled beginnings. I love his message, no matter what career or dream you choose, what it takes to make it happen and to compete with people who come from more fortunate beginnings.

The show was everything I expected and more…I walked out of that theater ready to knock down skyscrapers and invade a small country.

After a wonderful weekend I got on the Metro and headed to LAX to fly home. It was a long ride through Compton and a 30 minute wait in Watts. I got my notebook out and I wrote down some of the things I noticed.

Every where you looked homes, businesses and playgrounds were all surrounded by tall fences with barb wire.Barb wire

Every window had a security grill and every door had iron bars.

It looked like a prison with people and children walking around.

It made me think…

Is all that barbwire there to keep people out?

Or does it keep people in?

I grew up in the projects so I was no stranger to crime and violence and poverty. I experienced all of them.

It was no traumatic experience as educated Midwestern theorists would have you believe.

It was just our environment…we were unaware that any other options existed. The fences and barb wire succeeded.

It was when I left that environment that I felt fear and insecurity.

When I began my first real job as a trainer I was in charge of the 5am bootcamps for all these suit and tie guys who worked for Texas Instruments and IBM. Here was this 18 year old kid from the projects ordering around a bunch of 30 and 40 year old executives in a parking lot every morning.

I was terrified at first…I thought to myself all of these educated high income people would never pay me for my advice and guidance.

A teenager from the projects, I was the polar opposite of them. I was always in an extreme state of hyper vigilance. I was always guarded and prepared if someone should try to question me and my abilities. My workouts and my training style wasn’t coming from a position of confidence and assurance…it was coming from fear and insecurity.

The fear that all of my clients didn’t believe I was capable…That I was in over my head.

The insecurity of believing I didn’t belong there and the first small error I made  I would be terminated.

It took me a long time to realize that it was not them that were thinking I wasn’t capable…

It was not them that believed I didn’t belong there.

It was me.

I was the one who believed all of those things.

The high fences and barbwire did not keep me safe from the world that I feared I didn’t belong in…

It kept me a prisoner…afraid to give up the world I knew so that I could have the world that I deserved.

I made the common mistake of believing that my success and accomplishment in life, or the lack of it was determined by where I began.

The realization that the only thing keeping me from having everything I had dreamed of was the fence and the barbwire changed my life.

That barb wire that I believed was there to protect me actually was robbing me of my chance to shine.

Ever since then I have become educated, experienced and fiercely dedicated.

Now I am dedicated to helping as many people as I can realize that those fences aren’t real.

Next time you walk into the gym, new job, new school or new city and you have the fear of what others are thinking or believing about you…

It isn’t them, it is you.

It isn’t the rich kids that had everything handed to them holding you back.

It isn’t the person with the degree who has never done a day of labor in his life that is making your life hard.

It isn’t your parents, the government or the city or neighborhood you live in.

It is your own fear and insecurity that comes from daring to  reach beyond your comfort zone and station in life.

While you may hate the fences and barbwire, when it is all that you know it is easy to relax and accept.

It takes courage to climb that fence and risk getting cut and tangled in that fence only to end up in a world that you feel you don’t belong.

If you start from the bottom just work longer and harder,

read more…

do more…

make certain that though others may have started with more than you.

They may have been born with more money, more talent, more opportunity…

Never let them outwork you or out learn you.

Never let them hold you back.

Not in the gym, not in the workplace or not ever in life.

Climb that fence…and never look back.