Are You Eating Like A Sumo Wrestler?

Do you eat like this guy?

I am sure your immediate answer is NO!

Of course I don’t!  What a crazy question!

Believe it or not you may actually be following the same diet plan as athletes whose goal is to gain as much weight and have as much fat in the abdominal area as possible. Keep reading and see how much your diet plan has in common with the world’s largest people.   In my research this is what I discovered.

The average weight of a Sumo Wrestler is between 400 to 600 pounds.

What I found interesting about this was in Japan the average male is 140 to 160 pounds.  So you would think that the only people who become Sumo Wrestlers were already naturally heavy right?


Sumo is a very serious sport. Many participants are recruited at a young age. Boys who are already overweight are considered undisciplined and lazy. The weight gain of 100 to 300 pounds is deliberate and scientifically calculated.
So here is the process of successfully gaining body fat:

1.) SKIP breakfast.
The first step to gaining body fat is slowing down the metabolism. The Sumo Wrestlers wake up and train without eating breakfast. The purpose of this is after the body sleeps for 8 hours then trains, the body can go up to 15 hours between meals. This slows the metabolism down and ensures that most of the first meal of the day is stored as body fat.
2.) Train on an empty stomach.
When your body has no fuel to burn to get you through the activity, it will conserve every last ounce of energy. This is accomplished by burning fewer calories and increasing cortisol production, which will increase fat deposits in the abdomen.
3.) Only eat twice a day.
Getting up early and working hard on an empty stomach will ensure that the Sumo Wrestlers will be starving midday and eating anything they can grab. With a lowered metabolism and a huge calorie surplus, extra weight and body fat is certain. When you eat a large amount of calories in one sitting, your body will use a small amount to refuel the body and store the majority of those calories as body fat.
4.) Drink lots of alcohol.
Drinking beer and alcohol causes your body to increase cortisol production and causes you to store more fat in the abdominal area. The purpose of alcohol consumption for a Sumo Wrestler is to increase fat deposits in the abdomen.
5.) Eat out and with a group of people.
Sumo trainers never allow the wrestlers to eat alone or prepare their own food. Many studies have shown that when people eat in a group they eat between 30-40% more food and 20-30% more fat than if they were alone at home eating a meal they prepared.
6.) Lay around or sleep after a big meal.
After all the wrestlers eat their 2 big meals they immediately go to their rooms and take a nap. Going to sleep after eating a large amount of calories will greatly increase the chances that the body will store more body fat since it is more difficult for the body to metabolize large amounts of food while you are sleeping.
I mean think about it! While I have devoted most of my time and research to figure out how to help people lose weight and body fat, these trainers have devoted all their time and research to guarantee that these athletes gain weight and body fat, so what does this have to do with you?

Of course you don’t eat like a Sumo Wrestler?

Or do you?

Let’s go over a regular day in most of our lives. This is how it goes:
1.) We wake up get ready and leave for work. No breakfast.
2.) We go to work and discuss which buffet or fast food restaurant we are going to for lunch with our co-workers.
3.) After we eat a large high fat high calorie meal, we go back to work and sit at our desk and move slow for the rest of the day.
4.) We go home from work and eat a big dinner, maybe have a drink or two then lie on the couch and watch television until we fall asleep.
Scary isn’t it?
This is the busy American lifestyle that most of us lead. When you are always on the go and working many hours it is easy to eat like a Sumo Wrestler.
I know it seems impossible and overwhelming to change your eating habits all at once. It is so confusing trying to decide what you should eat, when you should eat, and how much you should eat.
It is not as difficult or as complicated as you may think. It just takes a little planning and organization. Do not waste time or money on pills, fad diets or gadgets that do not work. You can lose weight and burn stubborn body fat eating real whole foods that you enjoy.
I know how confusing it can be trying to figure what foods to eat, how many calories you should take in and how many times a day to eat. There is so much bad information out there wanting to rip you off.
I realize that you are busy and stressed for time.

Working long hours, driving kids back and forth to activities and taking care of all your home responsibilities is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. After all that in a day you have to find an hour or so to get to the gym.
To save you time and make sure that you get the most out of your workouts I have discovered a new option that takes all the thinking and preparation out of the equation.

Many of my clients have told me over and over again I wish I had someone to make all my food and bring to my house.

I don’t have the time or desire to cook healthy meals every day of the week.

What impressed me so much about this new system is that it allowed me to do 3 things:
•    Create a customized meal plan based on the clients personal goals and favorite foods.

•    Have real delicious food, not frozen dinners or chalky powders, prepared in advance   and delivered right to my client’s door. Each item is individually wrapped and cooks in a microwave in two minutes or less.

•    Put an end to the temptation of eating high fat high calorie meals because of the ease and time convenience.

So finally this service does exist and you can take advantage of it now!

I know you are ready to take control of your nutrition and guarantee that you get the most out of working out! Remember you can’t out train poor nutrition.

When you are ready I will help you, free of charge, pick the meal plans and foods that you need to melt away stubborn body fat forever.
If you have any questions or want to know more please feel free to email me at brian@bdjboxing.com or leave a comment and I would be happy and excited to get you started on your way…