21 Complete Workouts


21 Intense Body Shaping Stomach Flattening Workouts For You And Your Personal Training Clients! A Workout System That Has Proven To Get Maximum Results In Minimal Time!

A System That Was Designed For Elite Professional Athletes Is Now Available To You.



Annihilation: Total Body Training System TM


Dear Fitness Enthusiast and Fellow Personal Fitness Trainers,
If you need an intense, fat burning, lean muscle building, training system that can be done anywhere without fancy equipment or expensive supplements that only help you lose money and not fat then this will be the most important message you have ever read in your life.


I have developed a tried and true training system, that was designed as a conditioning tool for elite professional athletes, called Annihilation:Total Body Training SystemTM. It is the end result of my twenty plus years of experience in many different training enviroments. I have learned and studied these systems and applied them to test what works and most importantly what doesn’t work.

Annihilation:Total Body Training SystemTM is proven to get lasting results. It is endorsed by elite trainers and professional athletes. This system has been used by hundreds of my personal training clients to burn body fat, build lean muscle, and improve energy levels.

I have combined my years of research and knowledge and arranged it  into an easy to follow guide that you can start using today. It doesn’t matter if you are personal trainer looking for new workouts to get results for your clients, or if you are a fitness novice ready to have the flat stomach and lean sculpted body you have been working for, this book is for you.


  • 146 Pages Of Detailed Exercise Descriptions Complete With Photo Demonsstrations
  • 85 Upper And Lower Body Exercises Designed To Develop A Lean Sculpted Athletic Body
  • 30 Core and Abdominal Exercises Designed To Develop The Flat Stomach You Have Always Wanted
  • 6 Short Running Drills Designed To Ensure That You Burn Stubborn Body Fat
  • 21 Workouts Proven To Get Results That You Can Start Using Today


The Time For Waiting Is Over: Act Now!

Every day that passes you by is one more day that you are missing out on reaching your fitness goals.

You are reading this right now because you are searching for something new or different.

Maybe you need a plan to fit into those favorite pair of jeans that stopped fitting a few months ago.

It could be that you have grown tired of being angry at the scale and disgusted by the mirror.

Perhaps you are stuck at a plateau that you just can’t seem to break through.

Even frustrated that you haven’t seen the results you work hard for and deserve.

You may even be a personal trainer who needs fresh new ideas and workouts to get results for your clients.

The things you want are here, all you have to do is take action now.

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The Development Of Annihiliation: Total Body Training System
My primary background in fitness is the sport of boxing. I was an avid student of  the strategy, technique, science, art, and most importantly the physical conditioning requirements of a demanding sport. At a young age I learned the importance of maintaing top physical condition at the lowest, yet safest, possible bodyweight. I left the sport to pursue my career in fitness training in the late 80’s when bodybuilding and aerobics reigned supreme in every fitness centers across the country.These training methods were the exact opposite of what I had been taught. Instead of rejecting these new principles and different training methods, I studied and applied them so that I could provide my clients with the results they desired.I also had the opportunity to work with many sports and conditioning experts from many different sport backgrounds. Again I became an avid student and watched, listened, and learned from people with backgrounds in wrestling, power lifting, sprinters, marathan runners, and even yoga and pilates.

This Is What I Discovered

I discoverd that each philosophy, each training system that I had learned and used had its own strengths and weaknesses. So, I decided to take the very best quality of each system and remove the weakest elements for maximum efficiency.I then returned to my original passion in the sport of boxing, this time as a trainer, and what I discovered was amazing. The professional athletes I was training were getting leaner, stronger, faster, and experiencing improved endurance and stamina. I discovered that the intense short workouts provided far superior results to the long boring cardio workouts and weight room sessions they had done before.In a few short years I had professional boxers, male and female, that were breaking through the top ten rankings and even winning multiple world titles.I found myself progressing from the small local venues to places like Berlin and Budapest. I learned even more great training techniques from the elite trainers of Eastern Europe that were once kept secret from Americans because of the “Iron Curtain”.I continually improved upon and fine tuned this training system. I was being contacted by many professional boxers, trainers, and even athletes of other sports to share my conditioning methods and training systems to advance their careers. It was a dream come true to see my hard work and years of studying and research pay off.

Now I’m Sharing It With You

I have always loved being a trainer. I am thankful every single day that I make a great living doing something that I love, helping people improve themselves. My philosophy on fitness is that it is about more than looking good in a swim suit or having six pack abs; it is about pushing yourself, digging deep to find your limits, and pushing past them.I took my experience as a trainer of elite athletes and modified the training system for regular people just like you and your clients to bring out the best in them.This training system is more than a workout,  it is a philosophy.Annihilation:Total Body Training System not only builds lean solid muscle and burns stubborn body fat, it builds confidence and self esteem that transforms lives outside of the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing someone lose 20, 30, or 40 pounds; however, what I really love, what drives me to spend 12-14 hours a day in the gym and stay up all night writing new workout plans, is seeing someone’s life transformed. I have seen people transform from being insecure and feeling bad about themselves walking around with their heads down not wanting to look in the mirror or terrified of a scale transform to a person of confidence and renewed self esteem that walks with their head up proud of what they have accomplished.That is why I am sharing my training system with you at a price that is lower than a single one hour personal training session with me.I want to see you experience the same transformatiom as hundreds of my clients and athletes.I want you to use this training system with your clients so that you too can experience the rewarding feeling of transforming someone’s life.




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“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”
– Dale Carnegie

That’s right. The choice is yours. You can keep sitting there thinking about the goals that you desire and deserve or you can get busy making it happen.

Allow me to share the stories of a few people that took action:

“My fitness journey began again in August of 2016. This wasn’t my first time working out. I was a Professional Boxer and Certified Personal Trainer, Zumba and Yoga instructor. However, knowing what to do, and doing it are entirely different things.

The last year has been a trying one for me.

In just the last 6 months I have gotten divorced, moved from Florida back to Arkansas, alone with 3 children and pregnant with my 4th.

Right after having my fourth child, I was at rock bottom both physically and emotionally. I was the heaviest and most out of shape I had ever been. This along with all of the other stresses of being a newly single mom of 4 children, moving cross country and having to start a new job took its toll on me.

I knew the only way I was going to escape my depression, both physical and emotional, was to get back to working out and feeling confident about myself and my body.

In August 2016 I went to my long time friend and trainer Brian Jones to get me in the best shape of my life. We went straight to work and it has been nothing but progress ever since.

Those who know me well know how modest and shy I am about my body. I had great hesitations about posting pictures of myself in only a sports bra and pair of shorts for the world to see.

However I decided to post these pictures in the hopes that it may motivate someone who is struggling now, like I was 3 months ago, to take the first step to improving their health and fitness.

If just one person is motivated to start working out by these pictures of my transformation I will consider it a huge victory.

I love working out with my gym family. Even though we are all at different levels of fitness, we motivate each other to reach our individual goals.

If you have been considering beginning a fitness and nutrition program, don’t wait til next week, next month or next year. Start today!!! ” – Alejandra Lopez-Daniels


“I was looking for a new direction for my personal fitness goals. I wanted more intense workouts to become stronger and have more muscular definition. I now have more confidence in my ability to lift more and do more. Then environment is very comfortable for everyone; beginner or experienced. I tell everyone who asks this is a MUST TRY!!! Everyone is helpful and encouraging and offers lots of support whether you can lift 5 lbs or 500 lbs. We all work together in a very positive atmosphere.”

– Shane Morris, Van Buren, AR


Make Today The Day You Make A Decision To Take Action!
I know it is difficult to find real, proven training systems that actually work. I know how impossible it may seem to reach your fat loss goals. It isn’t your fault. All the conflicting advice you see on the internet, on television and articles in the magazines leave you more confused than ever. I understand why you have become frustrated with your lack of results.I know exactly why you are bored with your workouts.

That is what motivated me to  create this training system.That is why I tested it on myself, professional athletes and my private personal training clients before I released it to you. My passion always has been and always will be helping people transform not only their bodies, but their lives. I want to add you to my long list of before and after pictures.I want to hear your stories.
Annihilation: Total Body Training System has worked for hundreds of my personal training clients and professional athletes and it will work for you. All you have to do is take action!


Maybe you are a fitness trainer who has a burning passion and desire to help your clients lose weight, burn body fat  and build lean tone muscle.Perhaps you are a beginning fitness trainer that needs a solid foundation of 21 intense workouts with over 100 pages of exercise descriptions with photo demonstrations to get your training business off the ground.Maybe you are just frustrated from the lack of results from your current workouts. It could be that you are just beginning and want a clear proven method to guarantee that you get real fat loss results without wasting your time, energy or money on workouts that fail.

The reason doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you take action and make today the day that you see the results for yourself. I want you to get results for your clients that they have always dreamed of but believed were impossible.



  • The 3 reasons why other training systems have failed you
  • The 6 obstacles that have prevented you from reaching your goals
  • Why the 6 fitness segments of Annihilation: Total Body Training System will give you maximum fat loss results in as little as 3 to 4 days a week


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