40 Truths That Helped Me Live A Bad Ass 40 Years

That’s Right!

This Week I turned 40!

I got some great gifts and even more over the hill jokes…

Believe me I am not over the hill…I’m still as Bad Ass as ever!

I got no plans to slow down…Actually I am just getting warmed up.

Well I must say that my first 40 years on this earth has been one up and down crazy bad ass adventure. I have laughed. I have cried. I have punched walls and punched people.

I have traveled the world and lived my dreams. I’ve made great friends and lifelong enemies. It has been anything but boring. Mediocre has never been my style.

I have succeeded in big ways. I have failed miserably. I never give up.

I was once told that I wasn’t smart enough to quit…

I took it as a compliment.

My Baby Picture...
Actually I wasn’t born this way…it took 40 years.

I have learned that life just kind of happens whether you want it to or not.

Most people just kind of exist…

They aren’t happy. They are just making it day-to-day.

They are living everyday wishing for 5 pm and Friday afternoon.

They are just getting by…

I would hate to see you fall into the same trap.

So to celebrate my 40th birthday I am going to share 40 Truths I learned that helped me live a Bad Ass 40 years that I hope you find useful.

1. The world owes you nothing, it was here first.

2. Self pity is the most powerful and addictive narcotic ever made. Don’t become a junkie.

3. If you ever find that you are feeling sorry for yourself watch a Rocky Balboa speech.

4.Read every single day. Read good books like biographies, motivational stories and quotes that are designed to encourage and empower you. Never watch the news or read the paper. They are designed to depress you and enslave you.

5. Never Fear Failure. If you are afraid of losing you will never win.

6. Life will knock you down and then kick you while you are on the ground. The more you cry the harder you get kicked. Don’t cry. Get back up and dare life to knock you down again. Then get up again. Repeat.

7. When you do fall, fall flat on your back. If you can look up you can get up.

8. Most people are just living to die. Be a person who is dying to live.

9. Where you began your life was someone else’s decision. Good or bad. Where you go with your life is your decision. Make good ones.

10. The world will not break your heart. It will crush your heart. Acknowledge, move on.

11. People love to watch a fire burn. Set yourself on fire and inspire all those around you.

12. Who you surround yourself with determines your level of success and your mindset. Iron sharpens Iron.

13. If you surround yourself with morons, so that you can feel like a genius, just remember you aren’t a genius. You are just a better moron.

14. Some people are born with bigger advantages and more talent than you. Stop whining about this and just accept that you will have to work twice as hard and be twice as tough. Hard work will always beat talent.

15. We are meant to be individuals. Followers never win. Be a wolf not a sheep.

16. Stop wasting time trying to fit in or make people like you. That is investing in other people. Invest in yourself. You are worth it.

17. You never have as many friends as you think you do.

18. You never have as many enemies as you think you do.

19. Always be the happiest person in the room. It won’t make you popular, but it will irritate all of the unhappy people and drive them out of your presence.

20. Never be afraid to take action. Remember that when you take action with a big idea that things will go wrong, you will screw up. So what. You can fix them later. Massive success is a byproduct of massive chaos.

21. Never stop learning from people who are more experienced. They can help you avoid some big landmines.

22. Never stop learning from people who are less experienced. They can help you from becoming outdated and old.

23. You are never the exception. You are always the rule. Listen to people who have been through what you are going through. Over the years people do not change, only the technology changes. You are not a special exception.

24. When you tell people your problems always remember that 90% of the world does not care about your problems. The other 10% are happy that you have them.

25. If you think that other people, Republicans or Democrats, Conservative or Liberals,  your ex spouse or the city you live in is your biggest problem, then you are your biggest problem. None of those people care enough about you to make your life hard. If you hate the city you live in, then move.

26. Being bitter is like drinking poison and expecting the rest of the world to die.

27. If a friend, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or employee wants to leave you, don’t beg them to stay. Hold the door open for them. Let someone more deserving have the great opportunity.

28. When you walk your own path in life you will do it alone. People will be irritated and offended. Let them be. They are just crabs in the bucket.

29. If you don’t know what crabs in the bucket are read:


30. There are 3 kinds of business. YOUR business which is your thoughts and actions. OTHER PEOPLE’S business, which is their thoughts and actions. LIFE’S business which is weather, traffic and the economy. Only concern yourself with YOUR business. All the other types of business are out of your control.

31.Chase your passions not money. Never spend years sacrificing and studying to be something that does not interest you at all just because it pays well. If you chase your passion you will be great at what you do and the money will find you. If you chase the money you will not own things, they will own you.

32. People could care less how much you know. They are more concerned with knowing how much you care.

33. Shrinking yourself down so that you won’t make those around you feel bad does no one any favors. You were meant to shine. Truly great people make you feel that you too can be great. Only surround yourself with those people.

34. The most important skill in life is making people happier and feeling better about themselves. If you master this skill you are a winner. If you make people sad or reinforce their insecurities you are a loser.

35. People who are born with stripes do not die with spots. When someone tells you who they are, believe them the first time.

36. Once is a mistake, twice is stupid. If you pick a rattlesnake up 5 times it will bite you 5 times. Leave the rattlesnakes alone.

37. Being successful means you have to break away from the pack. It is scary and painful but you can’t take everyone with you. You are only able to push people. If you try to pull people they will only drag you down.

38. There are no secrets or magic formulas. Nothing is natural or easy. You won’t make money sitting on your ass and you won’t get healthy and thin eating fast food and popping pills.The magic formula  is hard work. The secret is getting off your ass.

39. If you are fortunate you may have 3 or 4 friends in your entire life who want you to succeed. The rest are just acquaintances who never want you to have more than them.

40. Never beg the world to let you…Dare the world to try and stop you.

Thank you for reading,


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The Power Of Words

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
Rudyard Kipling

Words have power.

Our words determine our attitude.

Our success and failure.

I take words very seriously. I am careful when I choose words on my blog posts, dealing with clients and people around me.

In my book Annihilation:Total Body Training System, there is a whole chapter on words that you must remove from your vocabulary in order to succeed.

Which brings me to my point…my least favorite word.

That word is resolution.

I know it is ironic isn’t it?

I mean I am a personal trainer and a membership director of a fitness facility. New Year’s Resolutions should excite and inspire me right?

Well I am sad to say that I don’t like the word at all.

So back to words…

When you hear the word resolution, do you think of people making great changes to their lives, overcoming obstacles and making positive lasting changes?

I doubt it.

I would be willing to wager a sizable sum that you have the same thoughts I do.

People work out, quit smoking and eat right for a week…

Then they give up. Just like everyone said they would.

You probably roll your eyes and have a smug grin on your face when you hear your friends and co-workers talk about what they are going to change.

If you had a resolution in January you probably kept it to yourself so that you wouldn’t get the same response.

We all know the routine all too well. It has become an accepted sport to make fun of people making resolutions and booking bets on who will quit first…

So I have pointed this out, that is easy.

Pointing out flaws and shortcomings is simple to do, no talent required.

So me being me. Doing what I do. I decided to fix this situation.


Try and convince me that Revolution isn’t a better word…

Resolution kind of sounds weak. It’s like saying I am going to try.

If you have ever trained with me or read my book you know how bad I hate the word try.


Revolution…now that sounds exciting.

It sounds violent and unrelenting…Revolution is the opposite of acceptance…

It means there is no turning back…

I was so inspired by the word I looked it up. I am a bit of a nerd like that…

I love the dictionary. Always have.

One of the definitions was:  a sudden, radical, or complete change a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something : a change of paradigm.

That’s right in order to succeed at any goal there has to be a fundamental change in the way we THINK about something…

If you are only thinking about all the fast food and candy bars you are going to be missing out on, instead of thinking about having more energy and fitting into those favorite jeans in your closet that you used to wear, you will fail.

I see it everyday…

The other great thing about a revolution is it can take place at any time…

Not just the first week of January…

You can be a rebel…

You can begin your fitness revolution RIGHT NOW!

I know that the toughest step is the first step.

That’s what I am here for!

That’s what I do.I show you the trail and point you in the direction to walk…

I know not everyone lives in my area or has the opportunity to train with me.

But don’t worry…

That is why I wrote Annihilation:Total Body Training System

So everyone could have access to the ultimate guide to fat burning success!

And because I am so excited to see you start your own revolution I am going to offer my book at a discounted rate from now until March 1st by clicking on the link below!


Work hard and let me know how your revolution progresses!